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Freepik offers users, high quality graphic designs: exclusive illustrations and graphic resources carefully selected by our design team in order to provide our users with great content that can be used in both personal and commercial projects.

Freepik was founded in 2010 by the brothers Alejandro and Pablo Blanes with Joaquin Cuenca, founder of successful startups such as Panoramio (Acquired by Google).

Alejandro, who is a web designer, felt the urge to create a platform where designers could find free graphic resources which could be used in their projects. His brother and photographer, Pablo and their friend Joaquin supported his idea and soon started putting their ideas into practice. As a result, this is how Freepik began its journey to success, a dream that today has become an universe of vector designs.

Freepik, a company built by more than 100 people

More than 50 talented young people work with great enthusiasm from our offices in Málaga, in southern Spain. Jointly, more than 200 graphic designers and external collaborators, working hard to always offer our users the most exclusive graphic resources either for personal or professional use in their projects.

We receive more than 30 million monthly visits

Each month we receive over 30 million visits from over 230 countries worldwide. We know what is important for our users and therefore, we offer on a daily basis, the graphic resources they need for all the projects.

We participate in the most important events on graphic content worldwide

Can there be a greater achievement than being rewarded for your work?

How users found graphic vectors before Freepik was created?

It was a bit complicated as a user had to search in several websites for a specific illustration. However, with the creation of Freepik, the majority of graphic vectors are listed in one unique website. As a result, we have already done that search for you and offered it all in one unique platform. Furthermore, at Freepik we have raised the bar in terms of quality and utility, reaching professional standards of free graphic resources.

Why do we offer free vectors?

At Freepik we use a freemium business model which means, the majority of the resources offered at Freepik can be used for free, only having to credit the author of the illustration to Freepik. In addition, for a small fee, you can subscribe to the Premium plan and use all our illustrations without any accreditation whatsoever. Terms of use apply

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